Small Animal Imaging Resource Program @ Johns Hopkins



The software that is available on this page is used personally by one or more investigators at Johns Hopkins. Some of the software has been written elsewhere and in many cases links to the corresponding website is provided. Much of the software has also been written by the investigators at Hopkins. As is typically the case, such software may have been conceived/written with no thought of being used by anyone other than themselves. In that case, others may contribute to this effort by cleaning up the interface and/or writing a brief manual on applying the software - after you figure it out of course! Perhaps the best way is for those providing the software to submit their own mini-manual (with an example included) on how to apply the software. The software is grouped by system. Matlab software that should work on any system is listed separately.

Here's an excellent resource for imaging software:http://www.idoimaging.com/index.shtml

Use 'Right click' then 'Save Link As' to download software.


Blood metabolite correction (Endres)

Graphical analysis (Endres)

Reference tissue modeling (Endres)

Compartmental modeling (Endres)