Small Animal Imaging Resource Program @ Johns Hopkins


Drawing ROIs

A region-of-interest (ROI) is used commonly to define a specific anatomical region on an image. ROI drawing is usually done on an MR scan that has been coregistered to a PET scan. After drawing the ROI on the MR, the ROI object map is saved then loaded onto the PET image

Using Analyze

Drawing regions

  1. Load image into workspace, select image, then select ‘ROI’
  2. Select Generate, slice. Change the slice to appr 70-80
  3. Magnify the image by selecting magnifying glass
  4. to color it: select view, intensities, loaded volume. Select Window, colormap,  load, SISCOM_HotBody.lkup
  5. Select trace, draw a region. Select Object (Th) to define, 1.Object
  6. Draw CB by selecting 2.Object and repeating the same steps as above
  7. File, save Object map. Give proper name and proper place
  8. Since ROI’s were drawn on a sagittal image, the dynamic study must be converted to sagittal images using same conversion used for the mean image (see Reslicing the mean image to create a sagittal view) In ‘Save as’ window, Select Orient àSagittal, Resize -> select ‘Force Cubic’
  9. Give sagittal dynamic image a unique file name and save
  10. Load in dynamic image file
  11. Select the dynamic image, select ROI, select Generate
  12. File, load object map
  13. Select Samp Opts, select Sample types, object. Select all regions of interest
  14. Select Summing ON; Sample ALL Slices; Sequence Display OFF; Log stats ON. Done
  15. Select Generate: set Volume to 1, number to max value. Set Slice to 1 and number to max value. Done
  16. Select Sample Images. Do note select DONE!
  17. In the ROI Stat Log window right click and select Editable. Secet whole window and copy
  18. In the Excel paste
  19. Data, text to columns, selected Delimited. Next. Select tab and SPACE. NEXT, finish