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Background and interests

I received a PhD degree in Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy at The Ohio State University (OSU) under the guidance of Dr. Werner Tjarks in 2006. Before joining the graduate program at OSU, I earned an M.S degree in Pharmacy (advisor: Dr. Moonwoo Chun) at the Seoul National University in 1996 and worked as a research scientist in the Drug Discovery Division of AmorePacific Corporation from 1996 to 2001. I joined the Small Animal Imaging Resources Program (SAIRP) at Johns Hopkins in 2006. My research interests include discovery and development of therapeutic and diagnostic probes against cancer and viral infections.

Contact information
Lab: 410-502-8171
FAX: 410 614-3147

Selected Publications

Johns Hopkins University
Rm 470, CRB II
1550 Orleans Street,
Baltimore, MD, 21231