Welcome to the home page of: Priscilla Matthews

Background and interests

BS – Business Administration

Interests:  Family, My four-legged friends (big and small), Ocean & Shore, Gardening

Sports:    Equestrian, Fishing, Baseball, Football

Social Commitments:
Church Council – Visitation Program – Church’s Upcoming 200th Anniversary Committee
Sponsor for local USPC – Active in their Annual Horse Show
Weekly Book Club – Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life
Dinner & Movie Night out with dearest and oldest friends

Contact information
Phone: 410 502-8177
FAX: 410 614-3147

Even as a child growing up in Baltimore County, the name Johns Hopkins was viewed as the best hospital in the world.  Later in life it would play a very important role in the lives of several of my friends.  I drive from Pennsylvania to come to work now at Johns Hopkins, and no matter how hectic the traffic may be on I-83 any given day, the moment I pull into the entrance and see the Hopkins Dome – I feel I’ve arrived at my second home.  To me Johns Hopkins means “Hope”.  I count it a privilege to be a part of the Pomper Team.

Johns Hopkins University
1550 Orleans St, CRB II
Baltimore, MD, 21231